Features:Used for MOBILE PHONE,TWS,TP,LAPTOP, WIRELESS CHARGER, FPC etc..Compact design, less space,can mount two different accessories in one machineUse CCD positioning, high precision, no need to use fixtures, save a lot of fixture costs, fast line changeCan read QR code, upload MES, traceableUsing belt transmission, no jigs are required, reducing product collisions, reducing the risk of …

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Application: This production line is applied in mobile phone battery & electronic product battery PACK process. It is a customized for lithium battery manufacturing. Our design varies from customer requirements. The brief information is as follows: Parameters:Size:26m * 1.2 m * 1.8mCapacity:≥15 ppm (cells)Yield: 99.8%

Application: This equipment is applied for the cell stacking process and is a customized machine. our design varies customers’ requirements, the brief information is as follows: Parameter:Size: 9.45m×6.1m×2.8m (L×W×H)Capacity: ≥3 ppm (31 layers)Range: Lmax / 150mm, Wmax / 120mmAccuracy:±0.1mm

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