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As China's long proven maker of the most intelligent lithium battery slitting systems for over 10 years, Topower anticipates the diverse automation demands of leading producers early through dedication to progressive R&D. Our pioneering teams immerse completely within operational environments to pinpoint limitations then innovate integrated equipment solutions that continuously adapt through cloud analytics to drive step-change upgrades in quality tracking, risk reduction and productivity sustainably. With strength fulfilling urgent market requirements globally, depend on our complete guidance in implementing proprietary automation technologies built to equip people over machines.

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Alberto Soto

I bought an extra charger for my electric bike. Both at home and at the office. heats up easily. Pleasantly impressed by how well the fan operates. Compared to the charger that came with the bike, I prefer this one.


I've been using this as my RadMission bike's at-work charger, and it works fine. Fan is a little noisy, but it doesn't bother me in the hallway outside my office. Although the quality appears to be lower than the OEM charger, for the price and the two hours per day that I use it, I believe it will be adequate. Doesn't appear flimsy or in danger of disintegrating.

Juell Anthony

I've had this charger for about a week, and it takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge my Rad Power battery. Much better than the 6 hour charging original charger that comes with the rad. The only difference was that the charger has a fan when you connect it, which can be a bit annoying. However, if you transfer the charger to the next room, you won't have any problems.

Li ion battery construction Products

Robotic vacuum cleaner replacement battery for Bissell vacuum, 14.8V 2600mAh SpinWave 2859, SpinWave Wet, 1625424, Z65B155, Dry Robotic Vacuum (Bissell 2859, 3115), Mid Tier P2949, and Spinwave 2859

EBL Universal 18650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Charger, 3.7V Rechargeable C AA AAA Batteries: 26650, 22650, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, and 1.2V Ni-MH Ni-CD

12V Li-ion Fast Battery Charger, ACDelco ADC12US07-99 G12 Series

Ryobi P117 Dual Chemistry Charger Energup Replacement Li-ion & Ni-cad Ryobi One+ Plus Battery P100 P102 P103 P105 P107 P108 1400670 Ni-Mh Battery Charger 12V 18V MAX Ryobi Charger

Replacement Battery for Ecovacs, 14.4V 2600mAh 900 Deebot Ozmo Deebot Ozmos 901 and 905 920 Deebot Ozmo Ozmo Deebot 930 260 Deebot Ozmo 937 S01-LI-148-2600 S01-LI-148-3200

Lilocaja DCB104 4-Port Fast Charger Replacement for Dewalt Charger DCB102 DCB102BP Compatible with Dewalt 12V/20V Max Lithium Battery DCB205 DCB206 DCB120 DCB127

Dual USB Battery Charger for Canon Rebel T6i, T7i, T8i, T6s, SL2, SL3, EOS RP M3 M5, M6, and 77D Cameras (LP-E17 DOTTMON)

Compatible 3.7V 1050mAh / 3.89Wh Li-ion Replacement Battery for CS Cameron Sino Cameras Proper for PENTAX CREATIVE OPIO 330/330RS/430/430RS/450, OPIO 430HP PhotoSmart R07, DiVi CAM 428

18650 20700 10440 14500 18500 16340 17500 26650 Battery Charger, Type C Single Bay Battery Rechargeable Charger, 18650 2A Current Battery Charger, Suitable for Li-ion Battery

Olympus Tough TG-6, TG-5, TG-Tracker, SH-1, SH-2, SP-100 IHS, Tough TG-1 iHS, Tough TG-2 iHS, Tough TG-3, Tough TG-4, SH50 iHS, SH60, and XZ-2 iHS Cameras BM 2 LI-90B, LI-92B Batteries with Charger

People May Ask

Are batteries recycled in full?

In North America and Europe, lead, or lead acid, batteries have the distinction of having a recycling rate that is almost 100%. Since reclaimed lead may be utilized in new batteries, the relatively easy recycling process for lead batteries also saves money.

How long do used lithium batteries last?

Batteries should be reusedOld lithium batteries can be used in some of the most interesting ways, including storing renewable energy that can later be fed back into the electric grid. Although solar and wind energy are fantastic, they are intermittent energy sources, which means that no electricity is produced at night or when there is no wind.

Who will have the world's largest lithium reserves in 2023?

The latest recent data from the US Geological Survey is used to generate the data.
Chile. Lithium reserves total 9,300,000 MT.Australia. Lithium reserves total 3,800,000 MT.Argentina. Reserves of lithium total 2,700,000 MT.China. Reserves of lithium are 2,000,000 MT.

A lithium-ion battery's thickness.

Conventional lithium-ion cell electrodes are 70 m thick [8,9,10], in contrast to laboratory-grade electrodes that are just 50 m thick [7]. Numerous studies have been done to compare and improve cathode thickness, including Zheng et al.

Which nation has the largest lithium source?

Australia will produce almost half of all lithium in the globe in 2021, making it the largest producer in the world. With approximately 50 million tonnes of lithium amongst the three nations, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina (the "lithium triangle") are thought to have the largest estimated resources.

When not in use, do lithium-ion batteries deteriorate?

Although lithium batteries don't necessarily go bad, they do lose a little bit of energy when they're just lying around. In particular, our LiFePO4 batteries deplete by 2-3% every month under the ideal circumstances.

What is the shelf life of lithium-ion batteries?

Lithium and primary alkaline batteries can be kept in storage for up to 10 years with only a slight capacity loss. Storage of alkaline batteries is simple. Keep the cells at a cool room temperature with a relative humidity of around 50% for best results.

Why are batteries for lithium wrapped?

They are genuinely there to ensure your safety. A good battery wrap shields the metal casing of the battery from any external touch that can impair its performance. In the event that this occurs, the device may short circuit and become exceedingly dangerous, possibly to the point where it may even catch fire or explode.

What goes into the making of an 18650 battery?

Each electrode on the 18650 cell has a fused wire attaching it to a substantial metal bottom plate. Utilizing an ultrasonic bonding machine (high-peaked vibration), which causes no heat to permeate even the upper layer of the cell, much less the electrolyte, the e wire is joined to the cell tip.

What drawbacks does LFP have?

LFP batteries may be more expensive and have a lower voltage than equivalent batteries. Since LFP batteries have become so widely used, the cost of the technology has dropped. Large commercial applications may find LFP batteries less suited due to their lower operating voltage.

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