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How A Battery's Internal Resistance Is Measured - Cell Saviors

By applying a load to the battery and monitoring the voltage drop between the terminals, one can determine the internal resistance (IR) of a lithium-ion battery using a second, far more popular technique. Another name for this technique is DC resistance testing or load testing.July 12, 2023

Why Is It Important to Measure Internal Resistance in Batteries?

In conclusion, internal resistance affects a battery's ability to carry current. Increased internal resistance results in increased energy loss, which is then transformed into "heat." This heat is a sign of energy waste as well as a factor in the battery's deterioration.

What Is The Impact of Internal Resistance on Performance?

From empty to full charge, lithium-ion batteries have a relatively flat internal resistance. Between 270 mW at 0% and 250 mW at 70% state-of-charge, the battery's output declines asymptotically. Between 0% and 30% SoC, there are the biggest variations. With discharge, lead acid's resistance increases.

What Impact Does Internal Resistance Have on Output?

From empty to full charge, the internal resistance of lithium-ion batteries is essentially flat. The battery's asymptotic output drops as it approaches 70% state-of-charge from 270 mW at 0%. Between 0% and 30% SoC, the biggest modifications take place. Lead acid resistance increases with discharge.

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I've experimented with many battery "checkers" that display the voltage or a "go/no go" response. This one provides you with the battery's health status. It calculates the internal resistance of the battery after passing a 1 kHz sine wave through it, indicating how good the battery is (lower is better). The weak leads are my only complaint, which will become an issue as you use it.

Len Wallace/HybridCPR

I'm impressed by the superb tool's design and performance quality for my hybrid battery reconditioning business.


This 4-wire meter is precise, steady, and consistent readings are obtained, and the internal resistance (IR) results appear to be unaffected by the battery's level of charge, in contrast to voltage-drop measurements. Measuring infrared radiation is the method to employ if you need to know how much useful life your batteries have left before they wear out. For future testing, I mark fresh batteries with the date and IR in milliohms on the label. I use separate rechargeable NiMH, Lithium, and Lead-Acid batteries with this meter. If the battery management circuitry in the pack allows it, you can also collect readings of the batteries within. It goes without saying that monitoring individual cells is far more helpful in determining the condition of a single battery. It is simple to monitor a battery's deterioration over time once a benchmark resistance for any given kind and size of battery is recorded. It makes no sense to use a worn-out battery any longer when resistance reaches extremely high levels. It just won't have any

Lithium Ion Battery Internal Resistance Products

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Single-Slot Intelligent Battery Charger for 3.7V Li-ion 18650, 26650, 21700, 18500, 18350, and 16650 Rechargeable Batteries: 18650 Battery Charger (battery not included).

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People May Ask

What Is The Resistance Value of A 12-Volt Battery?

If the internal resistance (IR) exceeds 30 milliohms, the battery is considered to be in extremely poor condition and most likely cannot be used. However, if the IR falls between 10 and 30 milliohms, the battery is still in a suboptimal state but may have the potential to be used or revived. On the other hand, if the IR ranges from 5 to 10 milliohms, the battery is deemed to be in good condition.

21700 Internal Resistance, What Is It?

The 18650 cells had average values and standard deviations of 1.625 ± 0.007 Ah for cell capacity, 40.99 ± 0.03 g for mass, and 25.0 ± 0.2 mΩ for internal resistance. On the other hand, the 21700 cells had average values and standard deviations of 2.457 ± 0.040 Ah for cell capacity, 59.71 ± 0.10 g for mass, and 13.2 ± 0.1 mΩ for internal resistance. These measurements were recorded on October 1, 2020.

How Can We Measure The Internal Resistance of A Newly Manufactured Battery?

The temperature has a significant impact on the internal resistance of a battery. To illustrate, when exposed to extremely cold conditions, such as -40 °C, the internal resistance of a new Energizer E91 AA alkaline primary battery increases to approximately 0.9 Ω due to reduced ion mobility. However, at room temperature, the internal resistance decreases to about 0.15 Ω, and it further decreases to about 0.1 Ω when the temperature rises to 40 °C.

What Does Normal Battery Impedance Refer to?

Battery Impedance Dimensions

In the standby industry, the usual impedance values for batteries are as follows: for a 12V 80Ah VRLA battery, the impedance is around 0.003 Ω (equivalent to 3.0mΩ), while for a 2V 800Ah VRLA battery, the impedance is approximately 0.0002 Ω (equivalent to 0.2mΩ). This information was last updated on January 14, 2020.

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What Is The Typical Internal Resistance Observed in An 18650 Battery?

After assembling 6 cells of the 18650 size in a series, NIMH initially exhibits a resistance ranging from 150-250 milliohms. However, we deem these cells to have reached the end of their lifespan once their resistance surpasses 800 milliohms.

How Is A Lithium Battery's Internal Resistance Tested?

An AC resistance meter (also known as a battery tester) that is specifically made to measure low resistance levels is used to measure the internal resistance of a battery cell using the AC method. The battery receives an AC signal with a steady current from AC resistance meters.

What Is The Amount of Internal Resistance Exhibited by A Battery?

The resistance within a battery can fluctuate due to factors such as its age and temperature. It's even possible for the resistance value to change within a mere 10-minute interval! For instance, an average AA alkaline battery can exhibit internal resistance ranging from 0.1 Ω to 0.9 Ω.

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