Lithium battery spot welding machine

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Application: This machine is applied to cylindrical cell double-side welding. Functions are: the welding head can rotate by 180°, the welding is consistent, the welding needle is not sticky, the welding needle wear is automatically compensated, the poor welding alarm, real-time monitoring, recording, welding current automatic feedback compensation, motion controller, display and non-array battery pack, simple peration and fast programming, current welding monitoring and alarm, solving the phenomenon of false welding, support breakpoint start, automatic and manual mode conversion, the brief information is as follows:


  • Power supply: three-phase 380V±10%/50Hz±10%, power <2000W.
  • Y-axis travel: 560MM, Z-axis travel: 240MM.
  • Spot welding speed: 0.8-1S/piece; 4000-4500 pieces/h.
  • Number of groups of files that can be stored: 99 groups
  • Transmission mode: servo motor + imported precision linear guide
  • Maximum number of batteries: 200pcs (18650 cells)
  • Nickel sheet thickness: 0.5mm or less

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