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Calendering & Slitting All-in-one Machine Introduction

The Calendaring and Slitting Integrated Machine, as detailed on the website of China GMK, is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that merges the precision of a roller press with the functionality of a slitting machine. This integration eliminates the need for additional winding devices, streamlines the production process, and reduces the workforce required, thereby enhancing efficiency and product quality. The machine is adept at handling the continuous calendaring and slitting of both positive and negative electrodes for a variety of lithium batteries, employing a constant pressure and limited gap rolling method to improve material density. It is equipped with a sophisticated system that includes a constant tension unwinding mechanism, roller press, thickness measuring device, slitting and winding mechanism, electronic control system, hydraulic system, and a correcting device. This machine stands out for its variable speed adjustable calendaring, precise roll gap adjustment, and high consistency in thickness after plate calendaring.

Calendering & Slitting Machine Working Principle

The Calendaring and Slitting Integrated Machine operates on a principle that combines the rolling and slitting processes into a seamless workflow. The constant tension unwinding mechanism feeds the material into the roller press where it undergoes calendaring to achieve a uniform thickness with a precision of ±2um. The roll gap can be adjusted from 0-2mm with an accuracy of 1um, ensuring the material's density is optimized. Post-calendaring, the material enters the slitting mechanism, which is controlled by an automatic control system. This system manages the tension of the pole piece, allowing it to be automatically cut into the required specifications as it passes through the circular slitting knife. The machine is designed to handle materials with a maximum rolling force of 3000KN, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in the lithium battery industry.

Calendering & Slitting Machine Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintenance and upkeep are key to ensuring the long-term stable operation and extended lifespan of machinery. Here are some general maintenance and upkeep suggestions that apply to most industrial machinery, including the calendering and slitting integrated equipment you mentioned:

Regular Inspections:

Perform routine inspections to ensure all fasteners are secure and detect any worn or damaged parts.


Apply lubrication to all parts that require it in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.


It is important to regularly clean the machine to prevent overheating or damage caused by dust, debris, or other materials.

Replace Worn Parts

Replace worn parts such as bearings, belts, and blades promptly to prevent further damage.

Check Hydraulic Systems

If the machine has a hydraulic system, ensure that the hydraulic fluid level and quality are adequate, and replace if necessary.

Electrical Systems

Inspect electrical connections for tightness, look for any damaged wires, and ensure all safety devices are functioning properly.


Regularly calibrate the machine's measuring equipment to ensure production accuracy.

Operator Training

Ensure operators are properly trained in the correct operation and safety procedures of the machine.

Maintenance Records

Keep detailed records of maintenance, including dates, work performed, and parts used.

Professional Services

Consider hiring professional technicians for regular inspections and maintenance.

Manufacturer's Guidelines

Always adhere to the maintenance and care instructions provided by the manufacturer, as different machines may have specific requirements.

1.Emergency Plan: Develop an emergency maintenance plan for quick response in case of machine failure.

2.Spare Parts Inventory: Keep an inventory of critical spare parts for quick replacement when needed.

3.Environmental Control: Ensure the operating environment of the machine meets the manufacturer's specifications regarding temperature, humidity, and dust levels.

4.User Manual: Always refer to the user manual, as it contains detailed information on the maintenance and care of the machine.

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This machine is used for compacting the electrode sheet after coating process, and it can also keep the surface smooth and flat to prevent the short circuit caused by burr on electrode sheets surface piercing the separator. With high precision, stable performance and reasonable structure, it can be customized according to customer requirements

1Devices External SizeAccording to the Technical agreement requirement
2Roll Slitting SpeedMax: 120m/min(Continuous coating)
3Incoming Material ParameterWidth: 200~1400mm
4Unreeling DiameterMax: 1100mm
5Rolling DiameterMax: 700mm 
6Electrode thickness accuracy after roll pressing±1.5μm
7Roll PressureMax: 600T
8Cutting and winding alignment±0.5mm
9Cutting accuracy of CPC alignment correction system±0.3mm
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