Calendering&Slitting all in one machine

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This machine is used for compacting the electrode sheet after coating process, and it can also keep the surface smooth and flat to prevent the short circuit caused by burr on electrode sheets surface piercing the separator. With high precision, stable performance and reasonable structure, it can be customized according to customer requirements

1Devices External SizeAccording to the Technical agreement requirement
2Roll Slitting SpeedMax: 120m/min(Continuous coating)
3Incoming Material ParameterWidth: 200~1400mm
4Unreeling DiameterMax: 1100mm
5Rolling DiameterMax: 700mm 
6Electrode thickness accuracy after roll pressing±1.5μm
7Roll PressureMax: 600T
8Cutting and winding alignment±0.5mm
9Cutting accuracy of CPC alignment correction system±0.3mm
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