High Precision Electrode Rolling Machine

Empower Your Future: China's Cutting-Edge Battery Electrode Coating Machines for Smart Investment

Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency with China's state-of-the-art battery electrode coating machines. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities, ensuring top-quality electrodes for the energy revolution. Invest wisely in innovation!

China Buy Battery Electrode Coating Machine for Topower: Elevating Lithium Battery Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of lithium battery manufacturing, Topower stands out as a prominent player, offering comprehensive solutions in the new energy sector. As a subsidiary of Yansai Automation, Topower has emerged as a one-stop destination for lithium battery and EMS solutions in overseas markets.

Buy Battery Electrode Coating Machine in China: Unleashing Precision and Innovation

At the heart of Topower's offerings is the cutting-edge  battery electrode coating machine . Manufacturers seeking to elevate their production capabilities can now seamlessly  buy battery electrode coating machines in China  from Topower. With over a decade of experience in R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and service, Topower ensures a seamless integration of intelligent manufacturing solutions.

China Battery Electrode Coating Machine: Empowering Global Lithium Battery Development

Topower's commitment to accelerating the worldwide development of lithium-ion batteries is evident in its visionary mission. The company envisions becoming a leading one-stop solutions provider for lithium battery manufacturing. By insisting on innovation to address industry pain points, Topower has solidified its position as a reliable partner in the pursuit of technological excellence.

Company Advantages and Expertise

Topower's corporate culture revolves around core values, emphasizing a customer-centric approach, talent empowerment, and technology-driven solutions. The company's business philosophy focuses on continuous innovation to overcome industry challenges.

Topower’s Footprint: Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC

Situated in the vibrant city of Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC, Topower's state-of-the-art facilities in the Shajing Block reflect its commitment to providing trouble-shooting solutions that upgrade production facilities. The improved IP position, proven quality system, and certified environmental protection system underscore Topower's dedication to ensuring the highest standards in manufacturing.

Unveiling Topower's Products and Services

Topower offers a diverse range of products and services, including Battery Machines, Automatic Machines, Battery Technology Consultation, Battery Manufacturing Solutions, and Battery Factory Planning. The company has successfully expanded its reach to 13 countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, Hungary, South Africa, USA, Mexico, and Canada.

In conclusion, for those seeking to enhance lithium battery manufacturing capabilities, the opportunity to  buy battery electrode coating machines in China  from Topower is a strategic move towards precision, innovation, and global competitiveness. As an industry leader with a strong presence in Shenzhen, Topower is poised to shape the future of lithium-ion battery development worldwide.

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This machine is used for compacting the electrode sheet after coating process, and it can also keep the surface smooth and flat to prevent the short circuit caused by burr on electrode sheets surface piercing the separator. With high precision, stable performance and reasonable structure, it can be customized according to customer requirements

1Devices External SizeAccording to the Technical agreement requirement
2Production SpeedMax: 120m/min(Continuous coating)
3Fit Roll Range200~1400mm
4Fit Substrate Width RangeMax. 1350mm
5Linear PressureMax. 6.5t/cm
6Tension fluctuation±2N
7Stretch tension control range30~1200N
8Tension Control30~500N
9Devices Power SupplyAC380V±10%, 3Ph, 50Hz
10Total Electrical Power≤100KW
11Devices Air Source0.5~0.8MPa, 10m³/h
12Devices Failure Rate≤2%
13Product Qualification Rate≥99%
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