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With the mission to enable low-carbon energy futures through lithium innovation, topower leads as China's premier suppliers & factories of automated battery sputter coating machines since 2009. Our decade-plus of tech-focused best practices solve manufacturing obstacles with speed, precision and intelligence for quality and productivity gains. As partners powering optimized lithium battery production chains through pioneering equipment automation, we draw insights from over 300 customer collaborations in creating competitive advantages tailored to unique needs. Trust our responsive support and international standards across fully integrated solutions from expert R&D teams to quality fabrication shops with global supply chain access in driving your next-gen visions.

Instruments for Nanoscience: Sputter Coaters

The LUXOR sputter coating systems offer a controlled and automated way to apply uniform layers of platinum or gold. Reducing the electric charging of SEM samples and achieving the best imaging quality are the goals of the sputtering procedure.

Introducing Sputter Technology's Vacuum Coating

When an inert gas is introduced, a plasma is created as a result of the gas becoming ionized (usually argon). Then, the Ar+ ions begin to speed up toward the objective. Here, cathode material is sputtered and subsequently accumulates on the substrate (figure 1). As long as the target is metallic, this is effective.28 April 2021

SPW Series Sputtering Coating Machine (Roll Coater Type)

SPW Series (Roll Coater Type). The SPW series of equipment is capable of sputtering multilayer films, such as metal and optical thin films, onto plastic film. High-function multilayer film batch processing using a gas separation chanber.

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What a fantastic time-saver this cup method is! One cup can be mixed at a time, and the second can be quickly changed to allow for continuous spraying. Very simple to clean up—spray upside down—with no spills or drips. Yes, it raises the project's cost a little, but how much is your time worth?


I painted the outside of my house using technique, and it was a lot easier! Sincerely, I believe the money I saved on paint and paintbrushes more than covered the cost of it. Compared to rolling paint, this method applies paint much more uniformly and with far more efficiency.

David D.

I own four spray guns at least. They're all rendered obsolete by the 3M system. With the graduations on the cup, it's simple to thin or mix. Since the filter is integrated, there is no need to strain. To achieve excellent results, choose the appropriate orifice size for the material you are spraying. The air pressure, volume, and fan width controls make this easy. There is hardly no cleanup if you discard the spray nozzle and cup liner. The time savings and needing to flush thinner through to clean the gun outweigh the expense of the consumables. Amazing spray gun!

Sputter Coating Machine Products

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Permatex 81833 Aerosol Can, 16 oz. net, Heavy Duty Rubberized Undercoating

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This is a 26172, 22-ounce paint spray gun system starter kit with a cup, lids, and liners. It can be used on cars, homes, and other applications.One paint cup, six throwaway liners and lids, sixteen sealing plugs, and gray

Use for Cars, Furniture, Cabinets, and More: 3M Accuspray Paint Spray Gun System with PPS 2.0, 26580, Standard, 22 Ounces Five Throwaway Lids and Liners, Five Nozzles, One Paint Gun, One Paint Cup, Three Sealing Plugs

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Priority 2 Pack

Use for Cars, Furniture, and the Home: 3M PPS Series 2.0 Paint Spray Gun System Refill Kit with Lids and Liners, 26171, Midi, 13.5 oz, 200-micron Filter Twelve Trash Cans, Twelve Liners, and Sixteen Sealing Plugs

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What Is The Number of Varieties of Sputter?

Sputtering deposition types. Gas flow sputtering/Glow discharge sputtering deposition, Ion beam sputter deposition (IBSD), Reactive sputter deposition, Ion-assisted deposition, Magneton sputter deposition, and Radio frequency (RF) sputter deposition are a few examples of the various sputtering deposition techniques.31st Oct 2022

A Sputter Machine: What Is It?

A thin layer can be formed on a silicon wafer, glass, or another substrate via a process called sputtering. An argon ion bombardment of a sputtering target occurs within the vacuum condition that is maintained in a sputtering machine. The sputtering target releases atoms or molecules as a result.

What Is The Sputtering Process's Underlying Principle?

Sputtering is the process by which intense gas or gaseous plasma ions hit a target material, causing small particles to be expelled off its surface. Sputtering is caused by momentum exchange between the element's atoms and ions.5 Jan. 2021

In A SEM, What Is Sputter Coating?

A thin layer (about 10 nm) of a conductive metal, such as chromium, platinum, gold, or silver, is applied to the sample by sputter coating. Sputtering is the process of subjecting the coating's metal to a barrage of heavy particles, which erodes and ejects atoms from the metal.

The 15-Foot Mygatti Hi-Fi RCA Male to RCA Male Cable Is Made of Silver-Plated Copper with Several Shields And Nylon Braiding. It Is Suitable for HiFi Systems, Home Theaters, Subwoofers, And Audiophiles.

The 15-foot Mygatti Hi-Fi RCA Male to RCA Male Cable is made of silver-plated copper with several shields and nylon braiding. It is suitable for HiFi systems, home theaters, subwoofers, and audiophiles.

What Makes Sputter Coating And CVD Different from One Another?

Since CVD ceramic coatings have unparalleled chemical and mechanical durability, they are referred to as "hard coatings." Because sputtered coatings deteriorate with air exposure and handling, they are often referred to as "soft coatings."

What Distinguishes A Splutter from A Spray?

Sputtering and plasma spraying are two quite distinct techniques. Sputtering is one of various procedures that involve the creation of a metal vapor and are carried out in high vacuum.

Sputter Coating: What Is It?

A extremely thin, useful coating can be applied to a substrate using the physical vapor deposition technique known as sputter coating. A sputtering cathode is first electrically charged, and this creates a plasma that causes material to be expelled from the target surface.

Which Kinds of Sputtering Are There?

In practice, a variety of sputtering systems are employed, such as ion beam sputtering, magnetron diode, DC diode, and RF-diode.

Why Is Sputter Coating Used?

When to use sputter coating. Coating materials can improve the signal-to-noise ratio during SEM imaging and thus yield higher-quality images because of their high conductivity. Non-conductive and beam-sensitive samples are among the difficult samples that need sputter coating.

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