Do you know these applications of silicone protective film in the electronics industry?

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Silicone protective film is a protective film mainly used to protect screen of electronic products.Now the mainstream silicone protective film is PET silicone screen protective film, which is suitable for protecting the surface of various screen displays of mobile phones, computers, mirrors, surface glass, etc. This film adopts the unique imported environmental protection electrostatic adsorption silica gel layer technology, so that the screen of your electronic product is fully protected by the silica gel protective film.

Excellent role of silicone protective film
The transparent silicone protective film is a very good protective film, which is easy to peel off and has a good sticking effect.
Various types of protective films are widely used in their respective fields, and the quantity is particularly large. For example, mobile phone screen protective film, car protective film, etc., these surfaces that need to be protected all use protective film. The reason is that the transparent silicone protective film has the following excellent properties:

  1. Ultra clean
  2. Accurate release force control
  3. Anti-humidity is especially outstanding in the humid production environment in the south
  4. Anti-silicone oil drop
  5. Non-slip
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