Intelligent accessories placement machine

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In the intelligent, high-efficiency, and high-performance manufacturing industry, countries attach great importance to the development of the entire manufacturing industry, China attaches particular importance to this. A series of problems such as material waste, labor costs, and low production efficiency in the traditional manufacturing industry have been gradually overcome. At present, my country’s entire machinery manufacturing industry is implementing artificial intelligence digital management.

Seen in the invisible, the 3C electronics industry is widely used in the entire market, and each accessory is customized with high precision and high performance to ensure that each product is suitable for use. In the electronic accessories placement industry, Taipu Automation has developed a high-precision electronic accessories placement machine for many years.

Adhesive accessories, conductive accessories, surface protection accessories, sealing accessories, buffer accessories, waterproof accessories, dust-proof accessories, backlight accessories, etc. have fully entered our smart terminals – mobile phones, watches, vehicles and other products related to our livesThe auxiliary material placement machine uses an independent camera from the feeder, material to the placement position, all-round visual guidance, simple and clear software control, humanized human-computer interaction interface makes the operation no longer boring, and multi-machine collaborative and efficient operations. For multi-materials to meet high production capacity requirements, and provide whole-line solutions, visual management of the whole line, storage of spare accessories, suction cup management corresponding to the machine, it is clear at a glance, making the management and use of the machine more standardized and scientific.

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