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The positive electrode slurry is composed of binder, conductive agent, positive electrode material, etc.; the negative electrode slurry is composed of binder, graphite carbon powder, etc. The preparation of positive and negative electrode slurries includes a series of processes such as mixing, dissolving, and dispersing between liquid and liquid, liquid and solid materials, and this process is accompanied by changes in temperature, viscosity, and environment. In the positive and negative electrode slurries, the dispersion and uniformity of granular active materials directly affect the movement of lithium ions between the two electrodes of the battery.

Therefore, the mixing and dispersion of the slurry of each electrode sheet material is very important in the production of lithium-ion batteries. , The quality of slurry dispersion directly affects the quality of subsequent lithium-ion battery production and the performance of its products.

The preparation of the current lithium ion battery slurry is completed in the dual planetary dispersion equipment. Although the production technology of small batteries has become increasingly mature, the consistency control of batteries is still a technical difficulty in the production of lithium-ion batteries in the production process of lithium-ion batteries, especially for large-capacity and high-power power lithium-ion batteries. In addition, with the continuous progress of lithium-ion battery materials, the particle size of raw materials is getting smaller and smaller, which not only improves the performance of lithium-ion batteries, but also easily forms secondary aggregates, which increases the difficulty of the mixing and dispersing process.In the production process of lithium-ion batteries, the control of the battery electrode structure is the key. Although many lithium-ion manufacturers have not paid attention to this, the self-discharge rate, cycle, capacity, and consistency of batteries produced with different structures of electrode sheets all different.

How to control the microstructure inside the electrode sheet is a key technology in the production process of lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, in the process of preparing electrode sheets, it is necessary to control the mixing and dispersion quality of the lithium-ion battery slurry, and improve the uniformity and dispersion stability of the battery slurry.

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