Two solid-state batteries released


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Recently, two companies have released new solid-state batteries, let’s take a look.

一. Ganfeng LiEnergy Public Account releases super semi-solid-state “Xinfeng” battery

According to a September 5th announcement from Ganfeng LiEnergy’s official WeChat account, they have released the “XinFeng” super semi-solid-state battery.

It is reported that this battery utilizes flexible solid electrolyte membranes and a super semi-solid-state cell. It can achieve over 3000 cycles and the semi-solid-state battery’s CTP structure improves volume efficiency by 8%, increasing energy density by 10%, and reduces the number of components by 50%, making the entire vehicle more lightweight.

Additionally, this battery employs super nano-insulating materials and super thermal conductivity interfaces, enabling it to maintain performance without degradation for up to 100,000 kilometers.

The Ganfeng Solid-State team has 20 years of solid-state battery research and development experience, with the core R&D team having over 10 years of solid-state battery industry experience.

In recent years, Ganfeng Solid-State Battery has accelerated its strategic deployment. In 2019, they completed and put into operation the first-generation semi-solid-state battery production line. In 2021, they achieved the commercial operation of semi-solid-state batteries ahead of others. In 2022, they planned and constructed the 20 GWh Ganfeng New Lithium Battery Technology Industrial Park in Chongqing, which is currently the largest solid-state battery production base in China and is nearing completion.

In addition to the Chongqing Solid-State Battery Base, Ganfeng has also established two battery projects in Chongqing and Dongguan this year, both of which include solid-state battery capacity planning.

On January 19th, Ganfeng LiEnergy announced that they plan to invest 10 billion yuan in collaboration with Three Gorges Water Conservancy and Dongfang Xinyuan to establish a 24 GWh power battery project in Fuling High-tech Zone, Chongqing. The project’s product planning includes lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium batteries, solid-state batteries, BMS power management system development, battery research and testing centers, as well as a 10 GWh battery PACK assembly production line and related supporting facilities.

On the same day, Ganfeng LiEnergy also announced plans to invest 5 billion yuan to build a 10 GWh new lithium battery and energy storage headquarters project in Dongguan City. The project’s construction includes a research and development base and production line for lithium iron phosphate, semi-solid-state cells, lightweight power batteries, outdoor portable energy storage power supplies, residential energy storage, and industrial and commercial energy storage systems.

Wekelithium noted in Ganfeng LiEnergy’s 2023 interim report that the phased development of solid-state batteries will be achieved through a vertically integrated business model. Stable supply of main raw materials such as lithium compounds and metallic lithium, business scale accumulated from lithium compound operations, production experience, and talent reserves cannot be easily replicated.

This also means that Ganfeng LiEnergy will gradually develop new solid-state battery products and establish the necessary raw material supply for solid-state batteries.

二. Enpower Greentech releases 300Wh/kg all-solid-state battery

According to a message from Enpower Greentech Inc.’s WeChat account on August 30th, Enpower Greentech (including solid-state battery group companies in China, Japan, and the United States) has jointly developed high-safety, high-capacity, and high-energy-density solid-state batteries through a long-term strategic collaboration with SoftBank Corporation. They are actively promoting the early application of solid-state batteries in the fields of IoT devices and mobile communication base stations.

Over the past three years of collaboration, the two companies have achieved a series of breakthrough technological advancements in the field of semi-solid-state high-energy lithium metal batteries and have entered the stage of commercial cooperation. Recently, they have successfully developed an all-solid-state lithium metal battery using sulfide solid electrolyte and lithium metal anode. They have successfully produced ampere-hour-level (1-10 Ah) ASSB cells with a measured energy density of 300 Wh/kg.

300Wh/kg all-solid lithium metal battery (Source: Enli Power)

Enpower Greentech has announced that their semi-solid-state lithium metal batteries, which were developed in the past few years, have received customer certifications and entered the stage of mass production and delivery. The newly released all-solid-state batteries use 100% sulfide-based solid electrolytes and completely eliminate the use of organic liquid electrolytes, effectively addressing the inherent issues of traditional lithium-ion batteries such as combustion and leakage.

Furthermore, due to the wide operating temperature range (-40 to 100°C) of the all-solid-state batteries, cooling and heating systems will no longer be required for electric vehicle power battery packs. This will further enhance the energy density of the battery packs and consequently improve the overall driving range of future electric vehicles.

Enpower Greentech plans to deepen its commercial cooperation with SoftBank in the field of communications for the all-solid-state batteries. They also aim to actively engage in collaborations with global automobile companies.

It is worth mentioning that Enpower Greentech completed two rounds of financing last year. In the first round, completed on January 1st, they raised over 100 million RMB yuan. Leading investors included Guangdong Rongtai Investment Management (Luminous Ventures), Borun Capital, Yueno Capital, Greendot Capital, and Potential Capital.

In the second round, completed on June 30th, they raised over 20 million USD. This round was led by Sequoia China and Nippon Investment, with participation from GAC Capital, Borun Capital, Tianqi Capital, and New Horizon Capital. The funds from this round of financing will primarily be used for product iteration, market expansion, and production line construction.

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