SMT mounting machine can achieve quality traceability in the production of 3C products

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With the rapid development of the electronic market, the matching process, technology and manufacturing equipment have also greatly accelerated the pace of replacement. Smart electronic products have more and more functions, and the production process and requirements are also getting higher and higher. As we all know, electronic products are accompanied by our daily life. Every process is accurate to millimeters and much smaller units. TYPU independently develops and produces high-precision SMT mounting machines, which opens up a new era of placement in terms of accuracy, speed and efficiency, and achieves true high precision&speed for customers.

This accessory placement machine is mainly used in the placement of various labels and adhesive accessories in the 3C electronics industry. 3C electronic products refer to the abbreviations of communication products (Communication), computer products (Computer), and consumer electronic products (Consumer).

There are three major categories of products: computer peripherals, mobile phone peripherals and digital camera peripherals. Including computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, digital audio players, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, TV sets, video recorders, stereos, vcd, DVD, etc.

3C electronic product parts manufacturing and assembly are mainly composed of mainboard (IC manufacturing/package and PCB), panel (liquid crystal LCD module, backlight module, touch screen) and others (shell, structural parts, battery, camera and other components), generally The main board (IC manufacturing/package and PCB) all need to use the SMT surface mount process.

At present, there are three ways on the market to realize product identification at the time of product production. They are: mounting, inkjet printing, and laser marking. If the corresponding equipment is connected to the commonly used MES system in production, product quality traceability can be achieved.

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