What budgets are needed when building a battery factory

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Recently, many friends have asked us how to build 18650 battery pack, what are important factors about lithium ion battery assembly, what need to be considered in building a battery cell assembly, how to calculate the budget? As a factory manager, what all aspects need to be involved in order to ensure the smooth commissioning and operation of battery factories? Due to there are many questions, today this article focuses on the construction of lithium ion battery, and other questions will be discussed in the future.

Due to the difference of countries’ policies, company’s customer groups and positioning, product positioning, sure the project budget is also different. This article is only based on ordinary project practice experience about lithium ion battery construction, items with special requirements are not within the scope of this discussion and can be discussed separately. The entire factory project can be roughly divided into four parts, main project, auxiliary project,public project, and environmental protection project, which are explained below:

Main project
This project is mainly the area for manufacturing products, including production workshop, test workshop, battery making machine, testing machine, finished product and raw material warehouse, waste warehouse, etc.
Auxiliary project: The project includes office area, green project, security project, staff dormitory, canteen, etc. It is designed according to actual needs.

Public project
The project includes water supply system, drainage system, power supply system, gas supply system, heating system, DI water system, refrigeration project, nitrogen production system, dehumidification system, vacuum system, etc.

Environmental protection project
This project includes waste water treatment station, waste gas treatment project, noise control system, solid waste treatment station, accident emergency station, etc.

Regarding the budget issue, in addition to the funds involved in all the projects mentioned above, other funds should also be considered, including employee salaries, raw material purchase costs, financing costs.

Technology research and development expenses (such as BMS design, cell formula, etc.), factory informatization budget, emergency reserve fund, etc.

There are too many factors involved in building a battery cell factory. The above only lists most of the factors. There may be some factors that have not been listed. Welcome to discuss lithium ion battery making with us, our email is: sales08@xiaobao12749gmail-com.

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