Congratulations to Topower for winning the 16th Vision Award

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For the past 16 years, the Vision Awards have recognized outstanding products and processes that have helped China’s electronics assembly industry make better and more reliable products. Founded in 2007, the “Vision Award” is a certified international selection activity for China’s SMT surface assembly industry. An independent expert jury is composed of technical experts in the industry and senior technical managers of China’s electronics manufacturing industry, and the carefully selected “SMT China Surface Mount Technology” was selected by the readers’ jury, which received extensive participation and support from domestic and foreign suppliers in the SMT market. Its award-winning products are recognized as excellence in the SMT surface mount industry. The selection criteria for shortlisted products include: innovation and contribution to lowering costs in the downstream industry, improving product quality, increasing production efficiency, and improving product reliability. The comprehensive influence produced by the industry has certain authority in the industry.

Due to the delay of the development progress of many new products and services in 2021 due to the new crown epidemic, in order to accommodate more nominations of excellent products and services, the nomination date for several years has been postponed until October 21, 2022, accepting the Chinese market. The product nomination and award ceremony are also moved from NEPCON China (Shanghai) to NEPCON Asia (Shenzhen).

Through one year of hard work and the strong support of the organizers, Topower won the “Vision Award” in 2022 for its high-speed placement machine Y8K equipment.

The high-speed placement machine Y8K adopts a double-head high-speed placement machine with a double-Y structure design, which works with a linear motor to increase the placement speed: high efficiency and high precision. Equipped with visual positioning function, the position and angle of the absorbed auxiliary materials can be corrected through the visual system, and online attachment positioning compensation can be realized, and the absorbed auxiliary materials can be quickly and accurately placed on the designated position of the product.

The Y-axis adopts 2 sets of linear motors, each equipped with 1 set of mounting heads, and the movement is staggered.

Anti-re-posting and anti-leakage posting technology can effectively improve production yield and reduce scrap.

Automatically identify bad board function, intelligently skip dead points.

Equipped with dual feeders, the feeders can be used to push materials forward and back to freely change the discharge method to meet various requirements for bottom mold materials. Equipped with MES function, data can be uploaded according to customer MES documents.

According to the customer’s process and the number of products to be bonded, multiple models can be matched with string production (such as dispensing machine, testing machine, testing machine, etc.), to realize automatic bonding, pressure holding, flipping, automatic loading and unloading.

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