T4K Accessories placement machine

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T4K Accessories placement machine - Taipu Technology

Features:Used for MOBILE PHONE, TWS, TP, LAPTOP, WIRELESS CHARGER, FPC etc.Compact design, less space,can mount two different accessories in one machine.Use CCD positioning, high precision, no need to use fixtures, save a lot of fixture costs, fast line change.Can read QR code

T4K Accessories Placement Machine: A Compact Powerhouse for Electronics Assembly

The T4K Accessories Placement Machine is a cutting-edge device engineered for the precise and efficient placement of accessories in the manufacturing of electronics such as mobile phones, TWS devices, touch panels, laptops, wireless chargers, and FPC assemblies. Its compact design and dual accessory mounting capability make it an excellent choice for manufacturers seeking a space-saving solution without compromising on efficiency.

How the T4K Machine Operates

The T4K machine employs a blend of advanced technologies to ensure high-precision accessory placement:

1. Component Handling: The machine is designed to handle a variety of component sizes, from large accessories to small, intricate parts, with an automated feeding system.

2. CCD Positioning: Utilizing high-precision CCD cameras, the T4K ensures each component is accurately positioned without the need for fixtures, facilitating fast line changes.

3. Reading and Tracing: The machine can read QR codes and interface with MES systems for full traceability and quality control.

4. Transmission and Placement: Belt transmission is used, eliminating the need for jigs and reducing the risk of product damage such as scratches or bumps.

Advantages of the T4K Placement Machine

Incorporating the T4K into your production line offers several key benefits:

- High-Speed Capacity: With a capacity of 2500-4500pcs/H, the T4K allows for high-volume production to meet market demands.

- Consistent Quality: Precise placement and integrated inspection systems ensure uniform quality across all products.

- Versatility: The T4K is adaptable to various component sizes and types, making it a versatile addition to any manufacturing line.

- Space Efficiency: Despite its high capacity, the T4K has a compact footprint, ideal for facilities with limited space.

Versatility and Customization

cThe T4K is designed with customization in mind, allowing it to adapt to different production requirements. It can be tailored to handle specific accessory sizes and types, with adjustable mounting sizes and repeatability within ±0.05mm.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Operation

The T4K is engineered for seamless integration into existing production lines with SMEMA interface compatibility. Its user-friendly interface and automated processes reduce the need for specialized training, ensuring quick adoption and minimal downtime.

Comprehensive Support and Services

Our commitment to your success includes comprehensive support services such as on-site installation, operator training, and ongoing maintenance. Remote support is also available to promptly address any operational concerns.

Contact Us

To enhance your electronic manufacturing process with precision and efficiency, contact us today. Discover how the T4K Accessories Placement Machine can streamline your production, ensure quality, and provide a competitive edge in the electronics market.

Compact design, less space,can mount two different accessories in one machine.
Use CCD positioning, high precision, no need to use fixtures, save a lot of fixture costs, fast line change.
Can read QR code, upload MES, traceable.
Using belt transmission, no jigs are required, reducing product collisions, reducing the risk of scratches, bumps, etc.
The XY transmission mechanism is integrally formed and has a long service life.
The machine has high precision and can effectively solve problems such as over-posting, re-posting, under-posting, missed posting, and partial posting, the brief information is as follows:


  • Model: T4K
  • Size: 850mm × 1360mm × 1450 mm
  • Capacity: 2500-4500pcs/H
  • Input: 220V,50/60HZ,2.5KW
  • Mounting size: Max35mm × 100mm, Min3mm × 3mm
  • Axis-z travel: Max36mm
  • Roll width: Max120mm
  • Product thickness: 2-30mm
  • Mounting repeatability: ±0.05mm
  • Interface: SMEMA
  • Air pressure: 6KG/c㎡
  • Transmission speed: 300mm/S
  • Feeders: 2pcs
  • CCD: 2,000,000 pixels
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