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Propelling the global lithium battery industry ahead as China's trusted best suppliers & wholesalers of automated battery operated spot welders for over 10 years, Topower's all-in solutions integrate production lines seamlessly from expert R&D to quality control. Our teams immerse completely in partners` operational environments to intimately understand pain points before innovating high-value equipment automation upgrades with measurable ROI. We continuously hone international best practices while optimizing smart lithium battery battery operated spot welderry through robust manufacturing processes adherent to the highest safety principles. Trust wholly in our award-winning integrated automation paired with responsive support across hundreds of collaborations accelerating progress industry-wide.

A Basic Examination of A Few Popular Battery Spot Welders

In the battery business, spot welding is a crucial technique that is integral to every connecting connection from the cell to the pack assembly. The quality of the spot welding directly impacts the battery's quality.October 20, 2022

Teardown of The DX10 Battery Contact Spot Welder

The process involves placing the objects to be welded together, such as two flat metal strips, and then placing two electrodes—one on each side or on both sides—on the things. Heat is produced as a function of current flowing through the electrodes, the objects being welded, and their resistance.September 21, 2022

Battery-Operated Welder, PHS-101 | Pro Spot

Strong spot welds are produced by the battery-operated welder's high amperage DC weld current. The welder doesn't require any power input to operate. All batteries can be charged concurrently via the integrated charging mechanism.

Top Reviews


In order to replace the rechargeable batteries in Kinetic Seiko's watches with regular batteries, I've been wanting to spot weld tabs onto batteries. I never bothered getting a spot welder since they were too costly, too strong, and too big a piece of equipment a few years ago. I recently took another look at spot welders and discovered that there are a ton of tiny, low-cost ones that are built around power banks. I was skeptical so I watched some of their performances on YouTube. They appeared to function fairly well in the movies, so we searched Topower for highly regarded, more affordable alternatives. This specific item appeared to offer several good features, such as an educational display, excellent customer reviews, and a savings voucher that was accessible. So I thought I would give it a shot. Free returns if I don't like anything with Topower Prime. Exactly! I eagerly opened the package and perused the instructions after receiving it in a day. It instructs you to push and hold down the power button to switch on the device. But none of the illustrations indicate which button is the power button.


This compact spot welder is ideal for welding battery terminals. Welding goggles are not necessary because the power is low enough, although eye protection is still advised. It's a good feature to have the wait so you can position the contacts before it solders. Before realizing that the copper handles are insulated, I was afraid to hold them. Although the translation is imprecise, it is easy to grasp because the ideas are clear.

Joe H.

My camera has one, and I am unable to get a replacement. I can get a few little ones that are rated the same as the ones I'm replacing because soldering lithium batteries can overheat and damage them. Using this for the project wasn't a problem for me. Additionally, this is the greatest way to prevent overheating and damage to devices if I ever need to solder something that requires quick heat and quick cool.

Battery Operated Spot Welder Products

This is a portable, little, adjustable, 80-gear, Seesii 11000mA-h battery spot welder with an LCD screen. It may be used to create battery packs and comes with a 4X4 holder and 2x5M nickel sheet.

Kerpu 5000mAh Upgraded LCD Screen Rechargeable Battery for Spot Welders Adjustable Spot Welder Portable Mini Spot Welder with 80 gears and Type-C Input for 18650 Batteries

12KW Capacitor Energy Storage and SeeSii 801D Spot Welder Two welding modes are supported by this 73B welding pen and pulse battery spot welder. Better Quality 0.1–0.3 mm Nickel Strip for Home and Commercial Spot Welding

5000W Spot Welding Equipment for Sopts Welding 18650/26650/32650 and 0.1~0.15mm Nickel Sheet, Geevorks Battery Spot Welder with 10 Gear Output Power Adjustment

Mekek DIY Spot Welding Machine PCB Circuit Board for 18650 Lithium Battery (with housing), 99 Levels 12V 2400A Spot Welder Kit, Handheld Portable, DIY Spot Welding Machine Control Board

0.1/0.15mm Nickel Strip Welding Making Battery Packs with Built-in 6000ma-h Battery Spot Welder with 5m Nickel & 4X4 Holders - Seesii 80 Gears Adjustable Portable Spot Welder with LCD Screen

80-gear adjustable, lightweight, portable, little spot welder with an LCD screen and a 11000mAh battery Spot Welder for Battery Pack Spot Welding with Spot Welding Pen, 5M Nickel Strip, and USB Charging Cable

The Faiuot 11000ma-h Battery Spot Welder is a compact, portable device that features an LCD screen, 80 adjustable gears, spot welding pens, and Type-C charge/output for do-it-yourself projects.

Portable battery welding machine with C-port (Black-500), tiny spot welder, portable spot welder, and energy storage 5000mAh for DIY 18650 batteries

Type-C port, 80 gears of adjustment, nickel strip, and USB charging cable for battery pack spot welding; 11000mAh battery spot welder with LCD screen; portable, small, lightweight spot welder with adjustable features

People May Ask

Is The 18650 Not The Best Battery Available?

Compared to 18650, 21700 batteries are larger and more recent. They discharge at larger currents and provide more capacity. The cycle life of 21700 batteries is likewise longer. They cost more, though, and they might not work with every gadget that uses 18650 batteries.

To Weld, How Many Batteries Are Required?

Actually, all you need is two batteries to lay a bead. If you're in a hurry, you might even get away with using two pairs of jumper cables, though proper welding leads are preferable. In order to provide the 24V required to burn metal with conventional arc welding electrodes, the batteries are wired in series.Feb. 19, 2015

Why Are Batteries Spot-Welded?

Another less evident benefit is that spot welding produces unions with far lower electrical resistance than soldering, which makes them perfect for high current applications. Spot welded connections are safer to employ in battery packs since they are also more structurally robust.

Can A Car Battery Be Used to Power A Welder?

A cheap insurance to get you back on the road to your house is an on-board welding kit. With the help of the Trail Weld portable welding equipment, which comes with cables to connect two or three 12-volt car batteries in series, you may perform welding repairs from any location.

How Much Cash Can You Bring on An Airplane?

Taking a Cash Travel TripWhen it comes to domestic flights, there is no legal prohibition against that. You will need to disclose any sum above $10,000 to customs while traveling abroad by air. Other than that, you can bring as much cash as you like, provided customs authorizes your bags.

Which Travel Agency Is The Greatest Place to Work?

The Women Who Work There Have Selected the Top 20 Leisure, Travel, and Tourism Companies to Work For (October 2022).(br)Get it now. 4.5 stars.Vacations by the Sea. 4.1 stars.Disney Cruise Line. Rated 3.8 out of 5.Liberty Travel, rated 3.6 stars.3.5 stars at Royal Caribbean International.BCD Travel. Rated 3.5 stars.The Carnival Cruise Line.Resort at Universal Orlando.More things...

Is Soldering Or Spot Welding Preferable?

Compared to soldering, welding creates a significantly stronger joint. Because of this, it can be used for structural and load-bearing metal connections. A connection formed by soldering is only as strong as the solder used. Without specialized tools and methods, it is typically impossible to fuse two distinct metals together.Apr. 26, 2022

When to Resign without A Job?

Whatever your particular reason, if you've taken the time to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, departing without a job lined up is a respectable career move. You're not the only one thinking about making the change.

The Right Kind of Battery for A Spot Welder?

Although there are many different kinds of batteries available, 18650 and 14500 batteries are the two most widely utilized battery types in circuits. Because of this, the majority of battery spot welders advocate for the welding of these and a few additional batteries.

Can A Battery Be Used Alone to Weld?

You can successfully weld if you use the coat hanger as your filler rod and the battery as your power source. Nevertheless, connecting multiple batteries at once is preferable. By doing this, you'll be able to obtain the correct amperage required to ignite and maintain the arc.Nov. 2, 2019

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