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With the mission to enable low-carbon energy futures through lithium innovation, Topower leads as China's premier suppliers & wholesalers of automated battery mobile battery making machines since 2009. Our decade-plus of tech-focused best practices solve manufacturing obstacles with speed, precision and intelligence for quality and productivity gains. As partners powering optimized lithium battery production chains through pioneering equipment automation, we draw insights from over 300 customer collaborations in creating competitive advantages tailored to unique needs. Trust our responsive support and international standards across fully integrated solutions from expert R&D teams to quality fabrication shops with global supply chain access in driving your next-gen visions.

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Mr. Flores

Before seeing an advertisement for this buffer, I have never buff anything in my life. Wow. I even polished my wife's car and its headlights with it because it was so simple and light. Fantastic product that is well worth the money.

Michael Sisco

This battery-powered setup is ideal for me because my garage is without electricity.

Mary Wooley


Mobile Battery Making Machine Products

3.5mm Aux Out, Micro SD/USB Readers, Wireless Mirroring, Mini-HDMI, Onboard Media Player & Speakers, AAXA LED Pico+ Mini Projector with 2 Hour Battery and Pocket-Sized Portable Movie Projector

With two 5Ah batteries and an LCD screen, the BATOCA S2 cordless polisher is a smart, new wireless polishing machine that runs from 2000 to 4500 rpm and is ideal for removing scratches from cars.

Voice-activated 96GB TCTEC Digital Voice Recorder with 7000 hours of recording capacity, audio noise reduction, playback of sound tape recorder, clip-on mic dictaphone for meetings and lectures

Tire Inflator: Portable Air Compressor with Cordless Electric Tire Pump for Car Tires, 150 PSI at 12 V DC, dual LCD screen bike pump with auto shut-off and emergency light for cars, bikes, motors, and balls

For cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and balls, FEIKFEIZ Portable Air Pump is a 150 PSI, 7800 mAh Cordless Air Compressor with Dual Power (Battery & DC) with LED Light.

DYMO LetraTag 200B Bluetooth label maker value pack: compact label printer that interacts with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth wireless technology, comes with three different label tapes

TELLUR VOX 155 Bluetooth Headset: Multipoint Two Simultaneous Devices, HD Voice, Handsfree Earpiece USB-C Two noise-cancelling microphones, a 360-degree hook for the left or right

Binbok Tenlox Wireless Joy Pad Switch Controller with 8 Colors for Switch/Switch OLED Left and right movable LED controllers with a back map button, speed and motion control (white and grey)

The Tiniest and Most Invisible Sleep Headphones for Side Sleepers Comfy Noise-Chopping Sleeping Earphones Superb Anti-Mis Touch Technology & Silent Design Minimal Earphone with Charging Case Skin

WOOCARTY Portable Tire Inflator, Auto Repair Gift, 3-150 PSI, DC12V & 15600mAh Rechargeable Battery Cordless Electric Air Pump for Car, SUV, Truck, and Motorcycle

People May Ask

Is Making Your Own Batteries More Affordable?

Yes, building your own battery pack is less expensive. You may construct a single battery pack for less money than it would cost to purchase one already constructed if you choose your tools and materials carefully. Naturally, this can change depending on the circumstances.

What Is The Amount of Lithium Required to Produce A Phone Battery?

Less than one gram (3/100ths of an ounce) of lithium is used as the [medium" for energy storage in the lithium-ion battery, which powers most phones. Ions produced by the lithium move from the anode to the cathode to produce a charge.

How Much Does A 1kwh Car Battery Cost?

A lithium battery's cost is expressed in kWh. A one-kWh battery with a rating of 80 Ah/12.8 Volt currently costs $25,000.

The Number of Lithium Cells Required to Create A 12V Battery?

three cellularConnectivity of a 12V Battery Pack to the BMSA single 18650 cell can be charged to 4.2V; three cells connected in series are required to create a 12.6V battery pack.

What Is The Price of A Single Lithium Battery?

Lithium-ion batteries range in price from $10 to $20,000, contingent on the gadget they power. The most costly battery is for an electric vehicle; it usually costs between $4,760 and $19,200.24 Feb. 2023

How Are Portable Batteries Produced?

The majority of smartphones in use today run on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. These batteries consist of three distinct components: a graphite-based cathode (positive terminal), a lithium metal anode (negative terminal), and an electrolyte layer that separates the two to prevent short circuits.

Can We Produce Batteries in Our Home?

To create a basic battery at home, all you need is an acid solution as the electrolyte, copper and zinc electrodes connected by wires, and a load to generate electrical current.

Can We Create A Battery at Home?

All you need are two different kinds of metal, some copper wires, and a conductive material to construct your own battery at home. A lemon, saltwater, or even dirt are a few examples of common household things that can be used as the conductive medium into which you place your metals.

What Is The Number of Varieties of Mobile Batteries?

pairThere are now two primary battery kinds available on the market. One is the Li-ion battery, which is a standard component of all of our portable electronics and cellphones. On the other hand, lithium polymer batteries are the ones found in the majority of contemporary devices, including most of the newest flagship models.

Who Is The Largest Lithium Miner?

AustralieAustralia and Chile: Leading the World in Lithium SupplyPlace

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