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The Value of An Automatic Slitting Machine Cut to Length Line

Production can be raised and scrap losses decreased by automating the cutting process. Additionally, by removing the need for labor-intensive human handling of large metal coils, this kind of equipment can contribute to increased worker safety.January 9, 2023

Above And beyond: Utilizing Automatic Roll Slitting Devices

These devices create quick, precise incisions of different widths by cutting rolls of material on a core into smaller rolls using a single circular blade.August 25, 2017

Automated Cutting Device - Duespohl AutoCut

With AutoCut, the best cutting performance from disc knives is combined with a reduced risk of injury and a quick and simple setup process. This incredibly productive reel slitting machine cuts through PVC, PP, PE, PU, sandwich foils, laminates, metal foils, and certain textiles. Slitting apparatus.

Top Reviews

Jen Young

For my firm, a rotary cutter is an essential component. I secure the base with tape to my cutting table and use both hands to pull the burlap through to cut layers up to 3/4" high. I've used the majority of the competing ones that are sold on Topower, and this one seems to be more steady, quieter, has greater safety covering surrounding the blade region, and slices nicely. Furthermore, it's the cheapest—when does that ever happen?


I make dolls out of rags and other textiles using crochet; cutting the strips to do this has been the most difficult and tedious part of the procedure; it takes days to complete each doll and strains my hands. This takes less than five minutes to complete! I can now make multiple dolls with the same time and work, and I'll be having much more fun! I wish this had been available to me years ago!

Michael Spanos

I have been machining for thirty years, and they are some of the greatest end mills for cutting aluminum that I have found. Considering the extra-long cutter, I operated it at 10k rpm and 150 ipm without any noise. If I could, I would give it six stars.

Automatic Slitting Machine Products

Arbor 1/2" Straight Shank Slitting Saw Holder for Milling Lathe Tools Slit Discs

Included are load cells, tension detectors, and transducers for the ZXTEC Automatic Tension Controller and ZXT-A-600 Web Tension Control Instrument. Plastic machine slicing and printing by DHL International Shipping

uxcell 72T Slitting Saw Silver Tone HSS Milling Cutter, 80mm x 1.0mm x 22mm

WOIWO 1PCS Semi-Automatic Stainless Steel Noodle Cutter, Handmade Noodle Slitting Machine for Home Use

Replacement Planer Blades - 2 Pack (128306) for Makita and Hitachi by POWERTEC 3-1/4" 82mm HSS Handheld Planer Knives

QISF Rotating Saw Blades, 16 Pieces HSS Mandrel for Circular Saw Blade Set with 1/8" (3.175mm) and 1/4" (6.0mm) Shank for Rotary Drilling Tools such as Proxxon and Dremel

One piece of 80mm 108 tooth circular cutting wheel with 0.5mm thickness and 22mm arbor made of HSS from Utoolmart.

Three pieces of 15-inch-long HS planer and jointer knives, CMT 794.381

Various-purpose soft handle letter opener (Westcott 13934-009)

5 Pieces/Lot of SpeTool Carbide End Mill Flat Top 2-Flute Aluminum Cutter 1/16" Cutting Dia

People May Ask

How Is The Steel Slitter Operated?

In the steel manufacturing process known as "steel slitting," a coil of steel is cut into the lengths and widths required by the final product. To produce the final result, which is slit steel coils, or [mults], this procedure needs mechanical lines with a decoiler, slitter, and recoiler."

A Metal Slitting Machine: What Is It?

Large metal coils are cut into smaller, easier-to-manage strips using metal slitting machines. A big metal coil is fed into the slitting machine at the beginning of the process, and it is unwound through circular blades. These blades create small strips of metal by making accurate cuts in it.

How Should I Pick A Saw for Cutting?

The smaller the slitting saw's diameter, the better:The likelihood of the tool "wobbling" and becoming challenging to machine increases with the diameter of the slitting saw. Whenever possible, select the smallest diameter that the task requires.

My Skin Is Not Irritated by This Product. I Routinely Order This Every Month to Use on My Face Because of This.

In my non-technical opinion, a [slit" is typically a slit made in a piece of cloth or a long, narrow hole through which air or water flows, whereas a [slot" is typically a long, narrow hole into which something else (like a coin) is designed to be inserted.10 Mar. 2008

Why Would A Slitting Machine Be Used?

A slitter machine, also called a slitter rewinder, is a specialized piece of machinery used to convert and slit a wide variety of materials into narrower rolls. Cost-effectiveness often dictates that master rolls be as big as possible.

What Kinds of Slitting Machines Are There?

Roll slitters and slitter rewinders are the two different kinds of slitting machines. Both are known as slitting machines in common parlance.

How Much Does A Slitter Rewinder Machine Cost?

Capacity of Slitting Rewinding Machine: 10,000/HrCost: Approx. 400000.00 - 1350000.00 INR

How Does One Use A Slitter Rewinder?

A slitter rewinder is a piece of equipment used to cut a parent or master roll of material into smaller widths so that it can be processed in subsequent stages of a production process. Slitter rewinders are a ubiquitous fixture in a wide range of production plants across several sectors worldwide.

How Is A Slitter Machine Used?

2:11 <> 4:59 And tighten it up perfectly. This slitter's charm is that it can make several cuts.

How Does One Go about Slitting?

Slitting is a metal manufacturing process in which a coil of steel or aluminum is cut into the widths and lengths required for the final product. The steel rolls are passed through incredibly sharp circular blades in the machine as the material passes through it, creating the incisions.

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