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Propelling the global lithium battery industry ahead as China's trusted best suppliers & factories of automated slitting machines for over 10 years, Topower's all-in solutions integrate production lines seamlessly from expert R&D to quality control. Our teams immerse completely in partners` operational environments to intimately understand pain points before innovating high-value equipment automation upgrades with measurable ROI. We continuously hone international best practices while optimizing smart lithium battery slitting machinery through robust manufacturing processes adherent to the highest safety principles. Trust wholly in our award-winning integrated automation paired with responsive support across hundreds of collaborations accelerating progress industry-wide.

The Value of An Automatic Slitting Machine Cut to Length Line

Production can be raised and scrap losses decreased by automating the cutting process. Additionally, by removing the need for labor-intensive human handling of large metal coils, this kind of equipment can contribute to increased worker safety.January 9, 2023

Above And beyond: Utilizing Automatic Roll Slitting Devices

These devices create quick, precise incisions of different widths by cutting rolls of material on a core into smaller rolls using a single circular blade.August 25, 2017

Automated Cutting Device - Duespohl AutoCut

With AutoCut, the best cutting performance from disc knives is combined with a reduced risk of injury and a quick and simple setup process. This incredibly productive reel slitting machine cuts through PVC, PP, PE, PU, sandwich foils, laminates, metal foils, and certain textiles. Slitting apparatus.

Top Reviews

Steven F

This is an essential tool if you plan to work with laminate. The material and time you will save by being able to cut precisely wide pieces without any waste will make up for this. Without this, I would not have begun my cabinet refacing project, which cost me an extra $110. When I first started cutting by hand, I was wasting material and had to spend a lot of time trimming each piece before putting it on the cabinets. After I bought it, I was able to cut exact pieces and get rid of at least 95% of the trimming. Based on exact cuts, I had calculated the right amount of laminate, but I was short since I had manually overcut some of it. I erred by not starting the task with this, which resulted in $110 in wasted time cutting.


I'm qualified to offer an opinion because I've owned and used this trimmer for more than twenty(?) years to create laminated products once or twice every three months. Doesn't take the place of your straight edge and knife. The true beauty is in the clean cut rips; for example, unique edge banding up to 6" wide and entire sheets long may be made quickly, accurately, several times, and repeatedly. I tore apart wood veneers and thick and thin laminate using my. Features a locking nut, cutting wheels that are minutely changeable for different thickness materials, and a rapid adjustment lever and minute precision threaded knob for fine-tuning the cut. My machine's cutting wheels were razor sharp for twenty years until they vanished, requiring me to purchase a new one. remarkably unaltered. enduring. An enormous time-saver with results that are flawlessly straight and smooth. This is an indispensable tool.

Bobbi S

In an attempt to cut costs and update our laminate counters, I bought a piece of Formica that was on bargain. I attempted cutting using a utility knife and a straight edge as instructed by the large box store. It wasn't smooth, but it worked okay for a small cut, and I wasn't going to use it for a cut that was ten feet long. This is an easy-to-use program that I found online, and it allowed me to create the necessary number of long strips. With the instrument at my disposal, I can envision a plethora of potential projects for the future. It was a wise investment!

Slitting Machine Products

Machine for Slitting Leather Rhinestone Cutting Tool Electric Cutting Tool

8" x 5 yards of 3M 9495LE 8-5-9495LE Double Coated Polyester Tape

The world's mediocre metallic yarn-slitting machine operator hat with a black patch engraved on it is made of leather.

One Refusing to Give Up I Operate Slitting Machines. III. I'm ok. Think, I. - Trucker Hat with Black Patch Engraving on Leather

uxcell 63mm (2-1/2") Circular Saw Blade M35 Cobalt High Speed Steel Titanium Coated Milling Cutter with a 16mm Arbor with a Diameter of 1.5 mm Thick and 72 Tooth for Stainless Steel Copper

One Legging it Around Slitting-Leather Grey Patch Engraved Trucker Hat - Machine Operator I AF

QISF Rotating Saw Blades, 16 Pieces HSS Mandrel for Circular Saw Blade Set with 1/8" (3.175mm) and 1/4" (6.0mm) Shank for Rotary Drilling Tools such as Proxxon and Dremel

Roll of 0.75-inch by 180-foot polyester film tape with solvent resistance and shear strength is part of the 3M 9495MP adhesive transfer tape. Tape for Bonding and Sealing

The World's Okayest Slitting Machine Operator II - Leather Grey Patch Engraved Trucker Hat - One Legging It Around

One Refusing to Give Up I Operate Slitting Machines. 1. I'm ok. Think, I. - Trucker Hat with Black Patch Engraving on Leather

People May Ask

A Slitting Line: What Is It?

A slitting line is a machine that creates longitudinal cuts in a primary steel coil, resulting in narrower widths as pre-determined. These reduced coils, also known as "mults," are subsequently transported to downstream processes like metal stamping, tube manufacturing, or roll forming facilities. These industries utilize the material to produce their final products.

Slitting in Welding Refers to A Vital Process That Plays An Integral Role in The Field.

In the realm of metalworking, slitting stands out as an alternative method to shear materials. Unlike shearing, which involves making cuts at the end of a workpiece, slitting takes on the task of dividing a broad coil of metal into multiple, narrower coils. This process is carried out through the movement of the main coil through the slitter.

What Does The Term "Slitting" Mean in The Field of Mechanical Engineering?

Roll slitting is a method used to slice a wide roll of material into narrower rolls. There are two classifications of slitting, namely log slitting and rewind slitting. In log slitting, the entire roll of material, also known as the "log," is utilized and one or multiple cuts are made without the need to unroll or re-reel the material.

What Exactly Does A Fabric Slitting Machine Do?

In the fishing division's open line, the slitting machine plays a key role in fabric processing. This machine incorporates a blade and a sensor that is securely attached to the blade, enabling it to accurately detect the needle line when the fabric is slit open for further processing. As of March 15, 2014, this technology has been in use.

How Does One Use A Slitter Rewinder?

A slitter rewinder is a piece of equipment used to cut a parent or master roll of material into smaller widths so that it can be processed in subsequent stages of a production process. Slitter rewinders are a ubiquitous fixture in a wide range of production plants across several sectors worldwide.

How Does One Go about Slitting?

Slitting is a metal manufacturing process in which a coil of steel or aluminum is cut into the widths and lengths required for the final product. The steel rolls are passed through incredibly sharp circular blades in the machine as the material passes through it, creating the incisions.

How Is The Steel Slitter Operated?

In the steel manufacturing process known as "steel slitting," a coil of steel is cut into the lengths and widths required by the final product. To produce the final result, which is slit steel coils, or [mults], this procedure needs mechanical lines with a decoiler, slitter, and recoiler."

How Does A Slitting Machine Work?

Slitting is a metal manufacturing process in which a coil of steel or aluminum is cut into the widths and lengths required for the final product. The steel rolls are passed through incredibly sharp circular blades in the machine as the material passes through it, creating the incisions.

A Metal Slitting Machine: What Is It?

Large metal coils are cut into smaller, easier-to-manage strips using metal slitting machines. A big metal coil is fed into the slitting machine at the beginning of the process, and it is unwound through circular blades. These blades create small strips of metal by making accurate cuts in it.

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In my non-technical opinion, a [slit" is typically a slit made in a piece of cloth or a long, narrow hole through which air or water flows, whereas a [slot" is typically a long, narrow hole into which something else (like a coin) is designed to be inserted.10 Mar. 2008

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