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Compact and lightweight, portable spot welders come in handy for joints that are hard to reach. They are therefore most frequently utilized in coachbuilding.

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A spot welder is a kind of welding apparatus that joins two metal sheets together by use of electrical current. By clamping the sheets together between two electrode tips, a significant quantity of electrical current is subsequently passed through the metal.April 25, 2023

Spot Welder with One Side And A Poke Welding Gun

A small, lightweight welding tool called a portable handheld spot welder is used to spot weld metal components together.

Top Reviews

Chris Hales

One excellent tool for connecting cells or changing out batteries is the Kerpu small spot welder. It is worth considering because of its high-quality casing, good performance, and sufficient power for most minor tasks. These are some of the things I've discovered after having it and things to think about before making a purchase. I. Quality: Assuming the electronics last, both the outer shell and the remainder feel like high-quality materials that will last. II. Performance: It has performed flawlessly for me in terms of producing strong battery welds, and its own battery has outlasted expectations. The battery has the capacity to carry out a substantial amount of work and is likely to outlast many individuals who would require a break beforehand. III. Lead Replacement: While I believe the main unit will endure, I'm concerned about the leads because I haven't located any replacements and the tips aren't replaceable. They just need to survive a certain amount of time before the unit pays for itself, though, and at this price, I don't currently need them. All in all, I'm rather happy with this C

J. Breithaupt

My first thought upon seeing this was, "What? A spot welder that runs on batteries? How is that possible? Then I realized. This is essentially just an automobile jump starter that has a circuit to briefly dump hundreds of amps. All a spot welder is capable of. Very astute. I was worried to learn that it occasionally burns through the tin strip completely rather than welding it on when I read the reviews to assess it. Some others advised applying the electrodes very lightly. My initial thought was that either the current was set too high, the tin strip was excessively thin, or the pulse was too long because I had a lot of experience with traditional steel spot welders. I made the decision to purchase one after seeing it function in video reviews and realizing that the pulse duration—the only setting that is fixed—looked appropriate. Since the included strips' thickness and purity were not specified in the description (it turns out to be 0.10 mm), I additionally ordered some pure tin strips, which are 0.15 mm thick and are the preferred material for

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別のスポット溶接機は持っているのですがこちらの方がパワフルな様なので選んでみました。 以前から持っている方は2極が一体の片手で出来るタイプです。そちらと比べてのレビューとなります。 先ず、使い勝手使いやすさはやはり2極一体に軍配が上がります。 サイズはこちらも2極一体の方がコンパクトで軍配が上がります。 ポータブル電源として使用可能なのは本商品で2極一体は不可です。 パワフル差、溶接能力は本商品の方が格段に上をいきます。テスト結果で比べますと2極一体は付属のニッケルプレートを3枚重ねギヤを10にして溶接可能。対して本商品は同じ条件でギヤを5.0で溶接可能でした。たぶんギヤを3.5にしても溶接出来ると思います。凄いです。 価格は本商品の方が多少安いです。 トータルで考えると始めてスポット溶接機を使用する方は2極一体の方が良いかと思います。 手慣れた方や頻繁に使用する方は本商品が良いと思います。 甲乙付けがたいのですが私は本商品の方が良いですね。 パワフルなスポット溶接機をお探しの方にオススメ致します。とっても良い商品です。

Portable Spot Welding Machines Products

Energy Storage 5000mAh for DIY 18650 Battery, Portable Battery Welder with Type-C port, Kerpu Mini Spot Welder, Portable Spot Welder Machine, Spot Welding Equipment (Black-5000)

Battery Spot Welder, Seesii 6 Gear Adjustable Portable Spot Welder, 5000mA-h Mini Spot Welding Equipment with 5m Sheets and 4X4 Holders for Welding and Making DIY Battery Packs from 0.1/0.15mm Nickel Strip

Mini Spot Welder, 11000mAh Rechargeable Spot Welder, LCD Spot Welder for Battery Plate Welding, 80 Gears Adjustable Spot Welder, USB Spot Welder, Nickel Strip

This is a portable, rechargeable, 30-level adjustable handheld spot welder with an LCD screen from Docreate. Handmade Small Spot Welding Machine for 18650 with Nickel Belt and Spot Welding Pen

Mini Spot Welder for Real 0.1-0.25mm Nickel Sheet Battery Welding, Seesii 10000ma-h Portable Spot Welder Enhanced 99 Gears Adjustable with LCD Colorful Display

Spot Welder for Spot Welding of Cylindrical Batteries, Seesii Enhanced 0.1mm-0.25mm Nickel Sheet Welding Spot Welder, 30 Gears Adjustable HD LCD Colorful Display

Docreate Spot Welder: Compact Spot Welding Machine with 9-Gear Adjustable DIY Spot Welder, Nickel Sheet and Charging Cable Included; Rechargeable Portable Spot Welder Battery

Seesii 80 Gears Adjustable Mini DIY Battery Spot Welder for Battery Plate Welding, Enhanced Portable Spot Welder with LCD Screen, Integrated 7500ma-h Battery, Nickel Strip & USB Charging Cable

Rocomoco Portable Spot Welder Machine with 6 Gears and a 7500mAh Battery DIY Handheld Spot Welder with Type-C Fast Charging Charging Cable, Nickel Sheet, and Quick Release Pen

The GHHKUD Mini Battery Spot Welder has been upgraded with a larger 2" LCD screen and 90 gears that are adjustable for battery plate welding. It is a portable machine kit that comes with a 7500ma-h battery and 12M nickel strip.

People May Ask

Which Kinds of Spot Welding Machines Are There?

'Pedestal Type' Machine is one of the sorts. 2. Welding with resistance butt or upset 3. Butt Welding 4.

On One Side, Are You Able to Spot Weld?

This is the kind of situation where a single-sided spot welder was designed. The resistance weld is done from one side alone and uses a single electrode. It is intended for usage with relatively thin sheet metal.

Can You Spot Weld Stainless Steel?

It is possible to spot weld stainless steel. It is a common technique for joining two thin metal sheets together. A large resistance develops inside the metal sheets as a result of the electric current flowing between the electrodes and the sheets. Enough heat is guaranteed to melt the metal and fuse them together.

Which Spot Welder Should I Get?

Which Spot Welders Are the Best?The following welding machines are available: DEKO MMA ARC Welding Machine, Forney 140 FC-i Welder, and Stark Professional Spot Welder.The YeSWELDER ARC-205DS.Battery Spot Welder, Mophorn 737G.

A Portable Spot Welding Machine: What Is It?

Portable Hand Operated Spot Welders are incredibly versatile tools that can be used in a variety of settings where welding equipment aren't practical, such as metal fabrication businesses or the assembly of car bodywork and subassemblies.

Can I Spot Weld Using A Welding Machine?

Using an arc welder to spot weld two or more pieces of metal together can be an extremely efficient way to create a strong bond that won't break easily or need additional finishing work later!

Which Metals Are Unsafe for Spot Welding?

A weld that works well in one application might not work well in another. Spot welding is a typical method for most common metals. Lead, zinc, copper, and silver are the main exceptions.

What Metal Can You Spot Weld?

Mild steel is actually ideal for spot welding because of its poor thermal conductivity and high electrical resistance. Spot welding is challenging when the carbon content of the steel is higher (>0.4%). When exposed to high temperatures, they often produce hard, brittle microstructures.

Which Two Benefits Come with Spot Welding?

The Benefits of Spot WeldingRobots that do welding can be used to automate the procedure with ease. It is possible to simultaneously combine several metal sheets. Unlike some other techniques, no filler material is used (MIG welding). economical and cost-effective because it doesn't require filler metals or inert gasses.

How Much Does A Tiny Spot Welding Machine List Cost?

Welding machine with battery tabs at ₹ 68,500. Use/Application: Lithium Ion Battery Spot, Battery Tab Spot.Cruxweld Spot Welder with Pedal Operation, ₹ 48,500. Category: Pedal-operated.Cruxweld Spot Welder, Single Side. ₹ 66,500. Recommended for Welding Rod: <1mm, <3-4mm, <2-2mm, <1-2mm.₹ 58,000 for the Cruxweld Dual Pulse CD Battery Spot Welder.

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