Pouch cell laser welding spot inspection & tab bending machine

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Application: This machine mainly uses CCD to complete the inspection automatically, and the front machine nickel laser welding spot inspection. The machine is equipped with edge gates, data acquisition system, code scanning card station, real-time data upload and traceability management MES system, and the next position of qualified products is checked for extreme bending. After the bending is completed, the reclaiming machine is sent to the lower machine by hand, and the defective products are sent to the NG stream line:


  • Size: 1100mm × 930mm × 1900mm
  • Efficiency: single ≥950UPH, online ≥850UPH
  • Scrap rate caused by machine: less than 0.01%
  • Defect rate caused by machine: less than 0.5%
  • Failure rate: less than 2%
  • Operation: automatic operation of load/unload cell
  • Control mode: automatic + manual
  • Number of operators: 0 operator
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