Reciprocating double-sided extrusion coating machine

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This machine consists of five parts: unwinding unit, coating unit (including feeding system), drying unit, discharging unit, and winding unit, which is used for battery electrode sheet production, and can also be used for glue coating. Double-sided coating is possible, with high precision, oven length, coating width, coating speed, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.

1Devices External SizeAccording to the Technical agreement requirement
2Fit Substrate RangeAI Foil/9~16μm       Cu Foil/4.5~14μm
3Fit Roll RangeUnreeling Max φ800mm/1000kgRolling Max φ800mm/1000kg
4Fit Substrate Width RangeMax 1300mm
5Coating Speed RangeMax 100m/min(related to drying characteristics and material system)
6Coating Drying Oven50~100m
7Coating Surface Density Error≤±1.5%
8Tension Control±2N
9Devices Power SupplyAC380V±10%, 3Ph, 50Hz
10Total Electrical PowerCalculate by the drying oven length and heat source mode
11Devices Air Source0.5~0.8MPa, 10m³/h
12Devices Failure Rate≤2%
13Product Qualification Rate≥99%
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